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Here's a poem for National Poetry Day 2016 on the theme of 'Messages'...

FYI  or   E-Mail To An Employer


For Years I’ve

Furthered Your Interests,

Flattering Your Investors,

Flogging Your Indemnities,

Filing Your Invoices

For You; It’s

Frankly Yawn-Inducing.

Finally, Yesterday I

Flipped, Yelling In

Frustration (Yet Internally,

For Yes-men Invariably

Find Yelling Imprudent):

‘Fifteen Years In

Fucking Yacht Insurance!

Fifteen Years! I

Feel Yoked, Imprisoned,

Fettered! Young, Independent

Fellows Yearn Insatiably

For Youthful, Impulsive

Fun, Yet I

Follow Your Instructions

Feebly, Yield Impassively,

Feed You Information

Fawningly! Yuk! I’m

Finished Yacht Insuring!

Former Yacht Insurer,

Future Yodeling Impresario;

Flavoured Yoghurt Inventor;

Farm Yard Impersonator;

Freelance Yo-Yo Instructor!’

Following Yesterday’s Incident,

Furthermore (Yikes!) I

Forwarded Your Investors

Foul, Yobbish Improprieties

From Your Inbox.

Finally – YIPPEE! – I’m

Finished Yacht Insuring.

(Freelance Yo-Yo Instructor,

For Your Information.)